Home for entrepeneurs that innovate for a better world

Apollo14 is the impact hub for entrepreneurs, organizations and investors who contribute to a better world through technological and social innovations. Apollo14 is part of The Hague's impact ecosystem in the Binckhaven, the vibrant heart of the Binckhorst.

Zerospace has provided the complete setup of the vertical (G657A single mode) and horizontal (Cat6a certified) network infrastructure for Apollo14 and operates one uniform and fully covering WiFi network. The WiFi network is built with high-end enterprise grade access points from Ruckus Networks, which are controlled by our Virtual SmartZone clusters in the data centers of Amsterdam and Rotterdam

The entrepreneurs, organizations and investors based in Apollo14 do not invest in their own radio infrastructure. This is not only wallet-friendly, but also ensures the quality of the radio traffic. By limiting the number of rogue devices, Zerospace can maximize channel utilization within the available radio frequencies for all users and ensure airtime fairness between all wireless clients within the impact hub.

The members of Apollo14 also benefit from at least a 1Gbps symmetrical internet service, via Zerospace's own fiber optic network in Binckhorst and Binckhaven. Within Apollo14, several (flat) redundant fiber optics have been terminated, which not only ensures maximum delivery security and performance, but also enables Zerospace to fulfill members special connectivity wishes within a day.

In addition to data communication services, Zerospace also provides access control within Apollo14. The access control in combination with association data from the WiFi network makes it possible for Zerospace to invoice members with a flexible workplace and tenants of a meeting and/or event room according to actual use on behalf of the landlord.

More information about Apollo14 can be found at: apollo14.nl