From innovation to business

Zerospace was founded in 2012 by ir. Frank Bogman and Victor Elsendoorn with the aim of making carrier and enterprise-grade data communication services accessible and affordable to the SME market.

The off-the-self products and services the incumbent telecommunications operators were offering at the time, and most often still do, were in full mismatch with the increasing demands and needs of the SME market. These operators were still relying and exploiting old-fashioned infrastructures with limited capacity and complicated on-premises equipment. They were too big and bulky to innovate and offer modern technology not only to large enterprises.

In response, Zerospace started to design and implement new solutions which do meet the demand of the market. Zerospace eventually even designed and built its own infrastructure, networks and services. By leveraging state-of-the-art datacenter technologies to deliver enterprise-grade services at a fraction of the costs, that require zero space at the customer's premises.

Today, Zerospace has a direct invoice relationship with around 400 entities and services over many thousands of unique users on a daily bases.